Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"I Think I'm Being Cheated on.....in a Video Game"

Trying not to give away too much information, so not to spoil it for those who haven't or are currently playing it, but I think I'm getting cheated on in Skyrim.

Trying to platinum the game, I needed to get married to earn one of the many trophies that stood in my way of doing so. I went ahead and found an e-chick who was willing to get hitched and did the deed. After the ceremony I was directed to head to my new wife's house, I was thinking this was so we could get on with the honeymoon, but to my dismay I find out it was just to break my heart.

When I get there I find out she is shaking up with some dude....and a dorky looking dude if I do say so myself. Now me being the jealous man I am, I try to axe the dude while in my new house.

The freaking town guards coming running in to tag team my butt and help this dude kill me, so not cool. The thing that really broke my heart though, was my new wife jumped in on the action and started kicking my arse too.

I was wondering, could I file for an e-divorce and take half her poop....or am I out of luck? Call me Atari...because I think I was played.

I'm just trying to spread the word because I don't want to see any more heartache. I didn't want to see you cheated on in cyberspace. Bros before hos.

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