Wednesday, March 27, 2013

“Bon Jovi Guitar Hero/Rock Band”

First off, I have never been a fan of either of the aforementioned games, not because I thought they were bad games or anything, but basically because I knew I wasn't coordinated enough to play them.

However, a couple days ago I was over my cousin's house and he was playing the Beatles: Rock Band and truthfully it looked like a lot of fun and maybe something I could actually pull off.

Most likely I'm not going to run out and purchase either game as of right now, but if they came out with a game based around one of my favorite bands I just may.

Growing up in the 80's and also being from New Jersey it goes without saying that I was a huge fan

of Bon Jovi, then and honestly still am. I know Bon Jovi isn't for everyone but I do believe if they came out with a Guitar Hero/Rock Bank dedicated to them it would sell…I know I would buy it…even if I had to get a second job with Tommy on the docks.

Now I know there is DLC for Bon Jovi of these games…but that’s not good enough for me…I want to see them on the cover rocking out in all their glory and giving love a bad name… I mean if they can give Green Day (of all bands) their own game…so why not Bon Jovi…why is Bon Jovi playing second fiddle (or in this case electric guitar) to Green Day…that makes as much sense as Beyonce singing backup for Courtney Love.

Bon Jovi also doesn’t deserve some crappy thrown together shovelware game either…where the band members look like some 8-bit rejects who move like they are doing the robot. They deserve the best…the royal treatment…their game should look like no other…like as if you are actually there watching them live…and play where as you really feel like you’re jamming out with the band itself.

Bon Jovi is one of the greatest bands ever...they survived the 80's glam...the 90's grunge...and still going strong. It is a real shame that they don't have their own Rock Band/Guitar Hero game...I mean what is this world coming to. We have video games based on all kind of crappy things…so why something as awesome as Bon Jovi is being overlooked…is beyond me.

I don’t know maybe Bon Jovi was offered a game but declined, I didn't really think there were any bands that had issues with these games but I guess it's kind of like the whole Napster thing to a certain point, bands vs. technology.

Think of the new generation of female tech savvy groupies that will be playing this will be like the 80's all over again.



  1. What do you mean Bon Jovi isn't for everyone? Everyone who's anyone, unless they were born yesterday! Gee!
    The whole Guitar Hero/Rock Band craze started after I was already a grown-up and couldn't justify spending that kind of money on "games" for myself and like you, I figured I wouldn't get past the first note. Then... I was "hangin'" with a guy in between a couple of college classes a couple of years ago and he was obsessed with Rock Band. I figured we could find something "fun" to do, but alas, what does every guy do with a girl in their house?... Get out the Rock Band! At first I was kind of annoyed, then after insisting that I play (which I figured would make me a shoe in for future "fun time" at his house) I very nervously attempted to strum that plastic guitar. Yup, I sucked. I had the game making all kinds of distorted sounds, implying that I would break the machine or something. Anyway, enough times over at his house and attempt after attempt I started to get a bit addicted myself. It's funny how proud of yourself you become when you can get through 2 or 3 lines of a song without messing up. "Whatta big girl I am". Then it's almost like he would have to rip the guitar from my clutches after that, "Wait, I want to master the song" or "I almost got it". Trust me, I never thought I'd be playing Pat Benatar, probably not my first choice... but there was some older rock songs that I grew up with that I could really get into. Do I think they could afford to throw some better artists and songs on those games, hell ya, I'm with ya on that one.

    1. What can I say...some people just suck...and they wouldn't know a great band like Bon Jovi even if it smacked them upside their head.

      I have yet to play either game...but as soon as they release the Bon Jovi edition I will be all over it like white on rice. I can tell they're fun...I see people playing them all the time...but I just can't seeing spending the money...or time...on them just yet.

      By the're never too old for video games...just saying. Also, this so-called "guy" you were hanging out with in college...the one who was alone with you and busted out a video game instead of putting the moves on you...that's just crazy.