Monday, March 18, 2013

"Proper Gaming Etiquette"

In my opinion, there are certain "unwritten" rules when it comes to gaming, which one should be obeyed at all times, or you run the risk of getting a beat down. Most of which are pretty obvious and should be respected, but there are still some people out there who believe they are above the law (like Steven Seagal) and they can do whatever they want.

For example, I can't stand when people talk to you or talk around you while you're trying to play a game, in my opinion it's just as rude as talking during a movie. I'm not talking about while you're playing multiplayer either, I'm talking about the single player campaign where for the most part the story matters. I for one enjoy getting into the story, knowing what's going on, it makes the game that much better and more enjoyable.

Am I alone on this, is there anyone else out there who can't stand when some fool wants to tell you about their pet hamster or their "bad" day while you're trying to play? If I walk into a room and I see someone playing, I try not to say anything unless I'm asked something, to me it's just proper etiquette.

Something else that drives me nuts, when someone tries to tell you what to do in the game, or how to play the game you're playing. Go here, do that, etc.....makes me want to punch them in the face. If I wanted your help I would ask for it, or better yet, I would hand you the controller.

I also can't stand when someone sees you struggling while playing a game and they reach out for the controller and say, "Do you want me to do this part for you"? If that's what I wanted, I would be watching you play instead of playing myself, seems pretty logical....doesn't it.

Finally, I can't stand when someone sees you pick up a new game, which obviously you haven't played before and they start telling you what they liked and didn't like about the story. They aren't being vague either, they are being as vivid as possible, leaving out no detail...basically ruining the whole game. Another circumstance where I would love to slap the taste out of their mouth.

I know some people would say I'm on a "high horse" for what I have said, and my reply back would be, I should have known he was smoking again, considering the fact that he's had the munchies like nobodies business. Eating up all the carrots and sugar cubes he could get his hoofs on. Stupid stoner horse, I told my horse to lay off the crap! Sorry, I know that was lame, but it's getting late, it's the best I could come up with.



  1. LMAO!! Loved that last part!

    As a gamer myself, I have to admit I agree with everything you said except one. For the most part, when my hubby plays I leave him alone. However, he (unfortunately) has ADHD and if I never talk to him when he's gaming, I'd never talk to him.

    As for myself, I figure if someone in the house needs to ask me something or tell me something and I'm playing a game (or watching a movie) I don't think it's rude if they do so. If they can see that I'm really into the game, they should at least say excuse me.

    Otherwise, I wholeheartedly agree!

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback...I greatly appreciate it. have an excuse to talk to him while he's gaming so we'll let you slide, but some people have no excuse whatsoever they just want to flap their lips…and there’s no need for that.

      I don't really mind people talking to me while I game, just don't do it during a cut scene or during a time when it has something to do with the overall story…that drive me nuts.

      Check out my other gamer related blogs ( and let me know what you think...I enjoy hearing what gamers think.