Friday, March 8, 2013

"Why is Being a Noob a Bad Thing?"

These kids nowadays think they're hot poop because they can rack up the kills on games like Call of Duty and Halo against us "noobs"....go beat Ghost 'N Goblins or Contra for the NES (without using any cheats) and then I'll give you the props you think you deserve.

By the way, why is being considered a "noob" a bad thing...we all had to crawl before we could walk? Sooner or later we'll all get to the post-noob stage of our gaming lifestyle, of course some more later then sooner, but it will eventually happen.

Thinking back on it, the first time I heard the word noobs was when I was playing Call of Duty online...and I mistakenly thought they said "boobs" and I got all excited thinking I was going to see some silicone weapons of mass distraction.....I thought for a second that someone had a Pamela Anderson skin. I found out after the match that I was wrong, when I received a voice message from some kid telling me how I lost the game for him and I should burn in H E double hockey sticks for it.

It is also inevitable that we'll all revert back to noobs someday, like it or not it's just the way things are. Technology is constantly evolving and what is current to you now, will someday be a relic to the new generation of me on this, I've been there. Remember the circle of life, well this is the circle of gaming...just without all the catchy music from Elton John.

For us older gamers the hobby pretty much mirrors life. We went from a noob, to a strong and efficient gamer, then right back to a noob with this current generation. It's similar to being an infant in diapers, then growing up and sporting big boy shorts, only to grow old and be back to wearing's just not fair.

Mark my words youngins' all of you who think you're hot poop, within the next few generations of kids and gaming you'll all be noobs again too. So the moral of the story is this, next time you see a noob don't teabag him, help him across the street....because one day you'll be there too.



  1. Hmmm you have right...

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