Monday, April 15, 2013

“E-president For Cyberspace”

We should have an e-president for cyberspace...someone who would over promise and under deliver...just like in the real world.

Someone who would make promises to clean up spam, keep idiots off of mics when gaming online and inflict harsher (if any) penalties for people who hack, send viruses to others online and/or teabag people on Halo...then keep none of them.

Someone who will make sure when you're talking to a woman's really a woman…and not some big fat greasy nasty guy living in his mom's basements eating tacos and burritos all day.

They would also promise to make all porn free...that is just until they got into office…then they would jack up the prices and blame it on the “price per barrel”...or something like that.

Their fundraising campaigns could consist of ad banners all over webpages, instant messages filled with all those cute (and very annoying) emoticons and they could interrupt our multiplayer matches and our porn searches with their speeches (lies) to entice people to vote for them.

They could use that cool internet/text lingo all the kids are using nowadays to connect with the people and to stay fresh...they could say something like , "Don't vote for that noob, he's a boob 4 me because I <3 U...BRB".

They could have their own channels on YouTube to spread their nonsense and FoxNews "fair and balanced" bull dooty!

We could also have political alliances, similar to console fanboys...we'll have the Xboxers and the PS3ers which would be our equivalent to Democrats and Republicans...the PCers could be the Independent Party.

You could cast your vote for the candidate of your choice by using "Like" buttons...which would totally eliminate any hanging chads.


You know what...thinking about it...let's keep politics out of the internet altogether...move along, there's nothing to see here!



  1. If they instilled "like" buttons for voting, I'd love to have "dislike" buttons too! Sounds like a great idea for me- being political without leaving the comfort of my couch :)

    1. That's what I was for the lazy people.

  2. I <3 u BRB. LOL. What would it take for you to come back after that? I am so glad I have not yet been sucked into the world that is online gaming.....

    1. Thanks girl. Online gaming is awesome...if done correctly...and not taken too seriously.