Tuesday, April 9, 2013

“Feeling Embarrassed Buying a Video Game”

Have you ever been embarrassed to purchase a video game because of its content, name or even cover art?

A friend of mind recommended Onechanbabra: Bikini Samurai Squad for the Xbox 360 when I first purchased the system, because of its price and surprisingly decent gameplay…so he said. When it comes to video games his recommendations are normally pretty good, he told me about No More Heroes when I first purchased my Wii and that game was great, so I figured I would trust him on this one.

After speaking with him I stopped by my local used video game store to pick up the game, not really sure what to expect. Other than the title sounding kind of out there, I wasn't really thinking anything of it. I walked in the store and started to browse, I come across the game and after viewing the cover I started to feel a little embarrassed. Based on the cover alone, it looks like some sort of Anime style Playboy! Just to make sure I was getting the right game, I took a picture of it and sent it to my friend to confirm that this was in fact the game he was speaking of. He replied back and confirmed it was, told me not to worry and just buy it.

I started heading to the counter, holding the game close and looking around to make sure no one was watching me, I felt as if I was buying condoms or a dirty magazine. When I approached the counter I laid the game face down so the person next to me couldn't see what I was buying. Then just my luck the halfwit behind the counter holds up the game as to announce it to the store what I was buying and tells me he has to run in the back to get it for me. From the moment he left I didn't make eye contact with anyone, I felt really hot because I knew I was blushing and I didn't want to see all those convicting stares.

After all was said and done the clerk asks me if I want a bag, I said of course I want a bag and preferably a paper bag so people could see through it. While I was leaving, I still had the feeling that everyone I came across knew I just bought some kind of smut, so I rushed home with a quickness, as if the police were after me!

I even disconnected my Xbox from going online when I first played it, because I didn't want my friends to know I got it! Now that all is said and done, besides the lead characters running around in bikinis, it's really not all that bad of a game for the price...and it's not as smutty as I first thought either.


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