Tuesday, April 30, 2013

“My PS3…”

My best friend almost died on me…he saw the light…just lucky for me it wasn’t the yellow light of death. I was able to revive him…bring him back from the dead…but unfortunately he is not the same. He has forgotten our whole time together…the years of quality time we spent together all down the drain…he is like a stranger now.

My PS3 had some corrupted files on it…and I tried all the tricks to avoid having to erase his memory like I was one of the Men in Black…but nothing worked, so I had to pull the plug…or in this case push the button…I had to format him.

When all was said and done he powered back up…and I was happy…but then I become sad…everything was different. It was like he grew up…became a man…and then went all Benjamin Button on me…now he has to grow up all over again.

Now I have to re-teach him everything…I have to start from scratch. I had to hold back the tears when I put games in him that I know he was all too familiar with and now he’s lost…it really broke my heart. Updates…loads…and re-downloads…not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

I do love the advancements in technology…the cyber gods have been good to us gamers…they have blessed us with many wonderful gifts…but I just wish there was a way to “save our saves” when something like this happens. I know we have to whole cloud thing…and we could always back up our data onto a USB…but we shouldn’t have to take the extra steps and/or pay for this service…it should just happen.

This whole ordeal has really made me miss the days of memory cards…or even save codes that were made up of over twenty characters and included numbers, letters and symbols like back in the NES days. Sure those codes where annoying…you had to keep track of the paper you wrote them on…and you had to make sure you were able to decipher an “I” from a “1” and a “O” from a “0”…but at least if something happened to the console itself you didn’t have to start completely over again.

I also miss the days when if a game didn’t work all you had to do was Monica Lewinsky it (blow it) and it would start working again…no formats…no overheating…and no corrupted files. The NES was a real beast…it was like Timex…it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

I guess I should be happy because I’m still able to play with him without having to pay any outrageous medical (repair) bills…but it just sucks putting in a game that you’ve spent countless hours on and now having to start over again.

Pour some Mountain Dew out for my friend…the old him will be greatly missed…and never forgotten.



  1. We spend a lot of time "Monicaing" things here, because we have pretty much every old system there is. Atari, 3D0, Original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gamecube, PS1 and PS2. I myself own a pink Gameboy Advance, which is totally awesome. My daughter has my old Gameboy Color, which shockingly still works after being left out in the rain by my son. That Gameboy is somewhat of an icon here in this house-my husband proposed to me-and got me a Gameboy. Talk about a win win situation!

    Our Xbox 360 and our laptops are our foray into the future these days...

    My husband tried to load his current Skyrim game onto a flash drive and take it to his parents house to show them something, and he couldn't get it to work. How disappointing-those memory cards did make things a lot simpler. That's probably why I haven't messed with the Xbox much-too complicated!

    It sounds like your PS3 is now much like Data at the end of Nemesis... ;-) Oh, did I put that Star Trek reference in there?

    1. Girl...your family freaking rocks...I love it. The old school is the bomb-diggity...I love how simple...yet fun...things were back then. Such great games...without all the complications.

      Skyrim...that's funny...that was the game I was playing when all this crap happened. I was over 200 hours into it...now I have to start all over again.

      I love the Star Trek reference...you're like one of the coolest chicks here in cyber space!

    2. Cyberspace is the only place I really fit in round these parts!

    3. Trust me...I know the feeling...I really, really do.

  2. thanks for dropping by :) I appreciate it a lot ;)