Friday, April 12, 2013

“My Two Girls, the Next Generation of Gamers”

I’m molding my little girls (9 and 11) into gamers...I kind of feel like I’m Mickey and they’re Rocky, “you're gonna eat lightning and crap thunder”…I’m keeping the dream alive. They have such potential…they can already out do me on some of these games…which I know isn’t really saying much, but it’s true.

We just hooked up the PS1 in their room and just like with McDonalds… they're loving it. I literally had to pull them away from the television when it was time to call it quits…it brought back such fond memories of when I was a little GIT (gamer in training).

I even saw a little bit of nerd rage in them...granted it was very minor compared to how I use to rage…but nevertheless it was there…and I was so proud. It was very nice to see that the nut…and I use that term literally…didn’t fall far from the tree.

They already know the little tricks of the trade, like for example unplugging their opponents controller if they are beating them, to give them a chance to catch up and/or surpass them…pulling a move off in a fighting game and when asked how they did it they respond, “I don’t know, I just keep hitting buttons” while the whole time they keep using the said move over and over again during the match…and of course the old “I’m not playing with you anymore, you’re cheating” as they slam the controller down and storm off.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do the first time I see a controller fly through the air because the game “cheated” …but all I can say is I may be yelling and acting like a responsible adult on the outside…but on the inside I’m going to be such a proud papa.

We gamers have to keep the hobby alive...too many people talking all kinds of poop about us gamers and the games we play. We have to set the record straight and show them it’s not the games and/or the gamers causing all the problems… it’s the crazy ass people who would do something nutty even if they were just playing hopscotch.

My little chick-a-dees are both straight “A” students and very much aware of fact and fiction…I don’t tell you this to brag…even though I am…I tell you this because it’s all about the person behind the controller…not what’s in the disc tray.

I will be gaming until I’m six feet under…and now with my girls following in my footsteps it’s good to see that I will have someone to couch co-op with…I just hope that if I have to drop a stinky in my Depends while they’re sitting next to me that they won’t abandon me.

Also, all you “hardcore” gamers out there in cyberspace don’t have to worry…I already filled them in on the finer points of playing online…so when they are ready (notice I didn’t say old enough, because it’s not an age thing, it’s a mental thing) to game online they won’t be causing any problems…they will be keeping it real and filling body bags with the best of them.




  1. There is nothing wrong with gaming as long as it's done responsibly, like all things. My dad and I used to play Chess every night when he got home while we were waiting for dinner and Star Trek to come on. ;) Whatever bonds you and your girls can't be all that bad.

    1. Chess...every night...were you being punished...were you being abused!? Just playing...that's a sweet story...thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm married to a gamer! The kids love to play games with him. Skylanders on Xbox, for example. They also loved to go up and watch him play when we had the "Great Skyrim Addiction of 2013" as I called it.

    Me-I play Tetris and Scrabble. No bonding over games with Mom.

    1.'re married to a gamer...and your kids game...but the question is...why don't you least more than just Tetris Gaming is an awesome expensive one...but nevertheless still awesome.

      Skyrim was/is a great game...I put over 200 hours into that game and I'm still going.

    2. He has been trying to get me into the Sims, which is what he is currently playing (Sims 3) and the Star Wars online game. As far as the Sims go, I spend most of my day telling little people what to do, I don't need to spend MORE time doing that. No excuse for not doing Star Wars, though I DID help create a character on City of Heroes, the game that almost got us divorced.

      Skyrim belonged to his stepfather, who took one look at the Harry Potter sized book that went with it and handed it to my husband. He played it constantly until he drove two hours to give it back to save our marriage... ;-)

      My husband works a very stressful job, I'll let him game as long as he leaves a little time for me...

    3. The Sims…don’t play that crap…it’s just simulated life…and if you haven’t already noticed, the game of life sucks donkey.

      Now I love Star Wars…but I never really go into those MMOs…not hating on them or anything…they just weren’t for me.

      See…what should have happened…was you grabbed a controller and played Skyrim with him…now that’s what true love is all about.

      Yeah my girlfriend says the same thing…so when I’m with her all I do is complain…that way she just yells at me and tells me to leave her alone…and back to gaming I go.