Sunday, July 21, 2013

“Where Have All the Arcades Gone”

No this isn’t a new song by Paula Cole…she’s still wondering where all the cowboys went…well at least I think she is, I haven’t really heard much from her lately.

Anyway…picture it, Sicily...oh sorry wrong picture it. Actually it was New Jersey during the 80's, but Sicily sounded so much better.

Okay, picture it New Jersey…

Arcades were the place to be, gamers actually get together to play games and hangout…there was real psychical contact between the players and not just an invite to join a multiplayer match and/or a notification that he/she was online.

We played together and against each other, the whole time never teabagging one another and/or shooting up the place because we lost at a game. There was lots of competition, trash talking and momma jokes but when all was said and done we were still all friends.

We didn’t need headphone and mics to play multiplayer, because the people we were playing with were right next to us…I know that’s a scary thought for you “life noobs” out there, but trust me it’s wasn’t that bad. We caould laugh at what people said with having to say LOL and we could step away without having to say BRB.

Back then we didn't have the technology we do today when it came to home gaming, not that our systems weren’t great for the time, but for the most part when it came to graphics you couldn’t tell the difference between an enemy and a bush and as far as gameplay was concerned it was all about timing nothing more.

If we wanted to play the latest games with the best graphics you had to head to the local arcade with a pocket full of quarters and a handful of Pixy Stix (because there was no such thing as energy drinks back then).

I know with today's technology it's hard for arcades to compete, but they were a lot of fun and an incredible experience. It’s unfortunate that most so-called arcades of today have full grown adults running around in costumes serving pizza to kids and/or they have like three machines (two of which are Pac-man and Ms. Pac-man) that they try to pass off as an arcade…what a shame.

Now I know that there are a few places around where you could go to get your gaming fix, but for the most part they are just a not what they used to be, they are a pale shadow of their former selves, nothing like they were back in their glory days. Kids today heard of them but never really seen one just like the dinosaurs, fresh air and girlfriends.

There was glam rock playing in the background, the stench of hairspray and Old Spice in the air and jean jackets and mullets all over the place, but boy was it a blast. What a pity that you gits of today will never experience the phenomenon known as the arcade, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.



  1. There are still some arcades hanging on. The best arcade experience today bar none is Funspot up in Laconia, NH. They have an entire floor full of classic arcade games...the lights are low and they play 80's music. It's truly one of the happiest places on Earth.

    1. I have never heard of the Funspot before now, but now that I have I will have to make a point to go check it out. I'll tell the family we're going to Disney World or something, then just show up there and be like surprise.

  2. Arcades were so much fun. I dont remember the 80s ones, but I did 90s...there was a huge one in Juarez MX (when it was safe to go there) and I remember spending hours there on weekends playing games with my friends. There was a smaller one in the mall, and later I spent forever playing Guilty Gear, Soul Cailbur, and Dance Dance Revolution...ah the good old days.

    1. Yes they is so sad to see them all but gone. These gits of today don't know what they are missing, oh the good old days.