Friday, September 27, 2013

“Female Superhero/Villain Okay, Female on the Pole No Way”

How come the way women are depicted in comic books, hero or villain, is not considered demeaning to women, but things like rap videos and Playboy are? If the woman is doing what she wants and not being forced into anything, then why is it a bad thing, doesn’t that mean that she is an independent and strong female?

If they have the body, and want to show it off, who are we to stop them and/or make them feel bad about doing so? If they want to make their booty clap in a rap video while champagne is being poured all over them, then why do we feel the need to hate on them?

Now don’t get me wrong, as a red-blooded American male I am all for my super chicks being hotter than a volcano, I’m just wondering if it is really necessary for them all to be dressed like strippers just to fight crime and/or cause havoc in their respected cities…at least from the prospective of a woman?

I just don’t get it; you don’t see comic book chicks looking like Rosie O'Donnell, with the ability to shoot Koosh Balls, in their pages but you see plenty of babes with buns of steel and bigger breasts than what you’ll find in a bucket of KFC chicken spread throughout their pages like as if it was the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

You’ll also see many out of shape, goofy looking dudes all over the place, there are many male heroes/villains that could pass as Alfred E. Newman’s long-lost brother, plus or minus a few pounds, but there are no Ugly Betties in these pages…why?

For some reason though women are okay with how their counterparts are depicted in these pages, they don’t seem to mind, if anything they look at it like a good thing. Is this because they are typically ass kickers, and they don’t fit the stereotypical image of what a woman is supposed to be, they aren’t frail and/or weak and/or overly sensitive?

Is it what they’re doing while wearing these outfits, or lack thereof, that makes a difference? If they are out fighting crime or trying to take over the world they’re okay, but if they’re swinging on a pole with dollar bills hanging out of their bottoms than it’s no good?

If there was a magazine full of all these scantily clad superhero/villain women in various poses would you buy it and still embrace them as you do now, or even allow your children to read it, or would you look at it like Playboy or any other kind of “filth”?

I’m obviously not a woman, well not obviously, but I’m not a woman, I’m a man baby ROAR. So I’m really just wondering why this is, I’m not hating and/or trying to disrespect anyone, I just don’t understand why it is that women aren’t protesting DC Comics and asking them to cover up Wonder Woman and turn her more modest instead of pretending to be her.

Is it some kind of double standard thingy, can I not understand why because I am from Mars and have a penis, or is there more to it that I’m just not seeing? So please just help this blind man see, why is one okay and the other wrong?

Now for the record, I’m not saying one is right and the other is wrong, so please don’t call me sexiest and put me in a nut cracker as if I was a chestnut (ouch), I’m just truly wondering what the reasoning is.



  1. I disagree with all women being portrayed in that manner. I think they should cover up because it's just enabling men to act like pigs, then they bitch about the men acting that way.

    For the record, I spent hours online searching for the least sluttiest Wonder Woman costume. Thank God I'm 5 foot even cause what shows butt cheeks on a model hits my knees :)

    1. I'm not saying all women are portrayed that way in comics, but a good percentage is, I would even say close to 100%.

      Us men are pigs **oink oink** to say otherwise would be lying, this I totally agree with. Even if the chick is in a parka and overalls we'll look at her like a hot pocket...that's just who we are.

      Girl that was freaking hilarious...have you thought about going as Wasp?

  2. I think one of the reasons the female super heroes don't get a bad rap is because these are illustrations, not real people. But the music videos are featuring real women in scantily clad costumes. But you did bring up an interesting point--why don't we see comic book heroes who are less then perfect----a woman with only an A cup bra, or one with a little belly, or big thighs? Guess you'd have to ask yourself who the illustrators are and who the comic book is geared for--a larger male or female audience?

    1. Hmmm you do bring up a good point, maybe because they are just illustrations people go easier on them, but if a chick was to be out in public dressed like Wonder Woman she may get some slack...interesting.

      The comic book people are hating on us ugly people, what's up with that. I know sex sells, but c'mon man, throw us dogs a bone once in a while. What makes it even funnier is that most of the people who come up with these character are ugly themselves, so you would think they would let their ugly shine through.

  3. I agree with Menopausal Mama. I would guess the illustrators are typically male and the comic book industry's consumers are mainly young males. I also agree with her about real women vs illustrations. I used to think that the porn industry was o.k because the women in the movies were all there by choice, right? But when I started noticing the "facts" I became aware that most women in the porn movies were either addicts or headed towards becoming addicts and were typically being manipulated into making the films. That changed everything in my opinion. What I once thought was consensual and maybe even invited became demeaning and in some cases criminal. That was over 30 years ago that I stopped watching porn and quit telling myself that it was o.k. I know I have wandered a bit from the topic, but porn is demeaning because they are real women. Videos that show women acting in slutty ways is demeaning to all women. Comic book creations are not real, therefore they do not carry the social responsibility that videos carry. Thanks for creating this blog and sharing a thought-provoking piece.

    1. I would have to say that is probably the truth of it, because we all know how us "males" can be when it comes to chicks, even if they are drawn.

      Where did you hear that all, or most, women in porn were addicts, or soon to be...that would be interesting to read/hear to say the least. Whereas I don't disagree that some are, but I wouldn't say most are, I really believe they just want to be there doing what they do...but I could be wrong.

  4. I have NO idea about what is "okay" and what is NOT okay in life, but I think the reason no one is making a big deal out of hottie comic book women is because the ONLY people who read comic books? Are dudes, kids and really awesome women who don't get offended by crap like that, they just know that they can be awesome no matter what they look like. Women who get easily offended by some random person they never even met, don't read comic books. And thank all the old and the new gods (GoT) b/c they would just screw everything up like they always do. Nice blog, new follower from Twitter. Not a huge comic book fan these days, but I get a pretty big nerd boner from SciFi, Fantasy, anything medieval and the like.
    You can't tell because it's so damn small, but my Google+ pic is me in my nerd glasses, being held together by red duct tape, AND I went to A+ and MCSE training, and I recently did a blog post about Game of yeah, I'm pretty nerdy :)

    1. Okay, apparently not THAT picture that just posted, but the picture under where your G+ followers are. Not sure why they are different, probably b/c I'm too lazy to fix that.

    2. Very well said my friend...all great points.

      Thanks for the love and support and glad to have you on board, and don't worry there's more to come, we're just getting started here.

  5. Marketing and psychology. The primary readers of comic books are male - most of whom did not lead their high school football team to victory or date a cheerleader. Male heroes and villains -characters with power- typified with odd shapes, sizes and flaws give men who struggle socially a "hope" of sorts that they too can get the enhanced Victoria's secret model as their side kicks. It's telling men they can be powerful as is. There is no need to tell women they're good as is using this medium because they get it another way - through the "normal sized women" commercials and ads in plus women daily. It's all about speaking to your audience and the audience is best served with scantily clad, big busted cartoons.

  6. I see no problem
    I think sexy women are empowering
    So sick of this debate in general to be honest
    Women need to chill
    Love the blog man! x

  7. just fell over this. am I weird to see that comics are cartoons, women in rap and playboy are...gosh REAL women??