Wednesday, December 11, 2013

“Family Guy: (Dog)gone Stupid”

When I first heard that they were killing of Brian I didn’t believe it was real, I didn’t think they could be that stupid.

I then watched the episode, hoping the whole time that it was a dream (like they did on Dallas) or some other kind of “gotcha” moment, but to my dismay it wasn’t.

They really did kill off the character, and not only that, they replaced him with some horrible unfunny alternative (Vinny).

I knew it was for real when I saw this week’s opening segment, Brian was nowhere to be found and that crappy wannabe mafia wise guy was all over the place like Lil' Wayne in the rap world.

It would be one thing if they got rid of him, and replaced him with a character as funny, or even funnier, than he was but this Vinny mutt is barking up the wrong tree here.

This Vinny character is just every Italian stereotype rolled up in one; it’s obvious that no real thought went into creating him and/or how a character like this would fit in with the rest of the characters.

I know they did this for shock value, to get people talking again, but come on people it’s supposed to be new and improved, not new and a bunch of stinky crap.
I guess Mr. (too greedy to release whole seasons on DVD) MacFarlane thinks he is the best thing since sliced cake, that he can do whatever he wants and still rake in the dough.

He believes that he is untouchable, that lightning does strikes twice in his world, just because his show got brought back from the dead zone he now feels that he can do whatever he wants, like kill off one of the main characters with no repercussions for example.

I really hope that us fans (I can’t be alone on this) stop watching the show, let them know that we are not going to settle for crap just because we like the brand.

We need to show them they will be gone with a quickness, that their ratings will drop quicker than a show starring the GEICO caveman.

They need to know that we are the reason they are on the air in the first place, it’s not the other way around, without us there wouldn’t be a Family Guy…period.



  1. I agree with you, the only way the writers will get it is if they lose viewership, I have given up on shows over the years because of some random change that made no sense... great post :)

  2. I think we are still watching old episodes of Family Man over here in the UK, so we'll probably see these changes in a year or so. Can't say I've ever been an avid watcher - some episodes I've found hilarious, others just pass me by. Interesting to hear about the killing off of Brian.

    1. Oh sorry, my bad, I guess I kind of spoiled it for you.