Wednesday, May 27, 2015

“Genetically Mutated, Undead Super-Humans on a Plane? When Sharks Fly!”

Welcome to the world of “Sky Sharks”…what is that you ask, well read on and all your questions will be answered, and then some.

We all know that Jaws made you afraid to go into the water; well these high-flying beasts who come equip with rows of razor-sharp teeth, a full arsenal of death-dealing weapons and genetically mutated, undead super-human pilots will make you afraid to go into the sky…and just about anywhere else for that matter.

Sky Sharks is like Jaws on meth, makes it look like a swim in the kiddie pool.

Check out the interview below, and when all is said and done, do yourself a huge favor and check out the trailer for this soon-to-be “greatest cult movie off all-time”, trust me you won’t be disappointed!

Also check out the team’s Kickstarter page, and if you happen to be so fortunate enough to donate then please do, but if you’re not in a position to, then please help them spread the word so that they can get this project completed.

All questions are answered by the fantastic Mr. Marc Fehse, the projects director, and the best thing to come along to the film world since the movie camera itself.

(Please remember there is a little bit of a language barrier, English is not his native tongue, so keep that in mind when you’re reading)

Lights, Camera, Action…

1. How did an insanely awesome project such as this come about?

Marc Fehse: You need to dream, and when you wake…remember. ;) 

Then you need someone who shares your passion for movies like this!

2. Flying sharks, Nazi zombies and buckets full of blood, the only thing missing here is nudity…please tell me there will be nudity, preferably of the female kind?

Marc Fehse: Is the Pope Catholic? 

Sure, and a lot of it. 

We some good sex scenes, beach scenes, shower scenes etc…you know what I mean, knick – knack! ;)

3. Could you please make this into a video game, or at least a ride at Universal Studios?

Marc Fehse: I would love to make a videogame out of it. I got an idea to start with an App game for all mobile devices.

4. What other films have you been associated with, because honestly after seeing this gem (trailer only obviously since it’s not yet been released, but I can’t wait for the final product and I have no doubt I won’t be disappointed) I personally would love to check out your other work?

Marc Fehse: With all I like, you need to know that I have been a great film fan since I was 8 years old, starting with Super 8 doing stop motion movies.

Now, back to your question, we will put in a lot blood, action, nudity, shark rides, air fights, Vietnam War scenes, WW2 war scenes and much more….and I really hope you like the end result!

5. Please tell us that you have more great ideas like this in the pipeline and/or scheduled for the future, pretty please with cheddar cheese?

Marc Fehse: For Sure. We started making feature movies back in 1996 with an indi zombie Nazi flick called “Mutation”.

We did a road buddy movie called “Sex,Dogz and Rock n Roll” and we worked on "Spores".

The people want Sky Sharks now, so we will work later on Spores to finish it.

I got so many ideas and concepts, so please don’t worry, there will be more coming out soon. ;)

6. We all know that Hollywood is full of a bunch of elitist bitches and bastards, who wouldn’t know a good movie if it feel out of the sky and hit them on the head.

Now with that said, it goes without saying that this masterpiece will surely go unrecognized by the so-called critics and mainstream award shows which the masses live and die by.

I was just wondering if you would accept my little league baseball trophy for all your hard work and originality?

I know it’s not much but it’s all I have, and I really want to show you my appreciation for you trying something new and different in a world full of unambitious and lackluster movie makers. 

Marc Fehse: It will be an honor for me! 

7. With Hollywood full of remakes, reboots and 80s nostalgia out the ass, it’s a breath of fresh air to see something like Sky Sharks come around, that should make you feel proud, so does it?

Marc Fehse: On one side yes, but on the other side I understand that the studios will be save with their investments, but I do agree so many boring reboots and sequels coming out and we think, “hey man there so many good scripts out there, give them a try”!

8. Will there be a 3D version of the film released…please say yes?

Marc Fehse: We thought of shooting in Stereoscopic, but it is very tough to do work with, but we think a good conversation of it will be cool!

9. I know it hasn’t even been released yet, but if Sky Sharks does well will there be a sequel? **Fingers crossed**

Marc Fehse: Yes, I have a lot of cool Ideas for it. ;)

10. What an amazing cast of characters you have in this movie, such wonderful actors and actresses, what was it like working with this incredible talent?

Marc Fehse: It was a pleasure to work with people who know their jobs.

When you need to work with a short time period, you need actors that know what to do.

Robert told me, that he felt blessed that someone like me gave him the role of a priest and not of a gangster, so I got the chance to show the audience the different skills he has, that he never got the chance to show before.

For me this was a gift to work with!

11. How would you describe this movie?

Marc Fehse: The mother of all trash movies! ;)

12. When and where can we expect to see this beauty when it’s released?

Marc Fehse: I think around the world, we will release Sky Sharks mid-2017.

Roll the end credits…

Well there you have it, the 411 on Sky Sharks and the director who is leading the triumphant charge.

I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas morning so that I can get that special present that I know I’m getting because I peeked in the back of the closet, and it can’t come soon enough.

(Don’t forget to show the Sky Shark team so love)



  1. Well...last night, my husband watched this sounds like something he'd love.

    1. I know I'm most likely asking the wrong one of you two, but was Zombeavers any good?

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  5. I'm right there with you, MJ! I absolutely can not wait for this movie to be released! It looks insanely amazing, and I want to shark all the things. I can't donate, but will definitely be spreading the word. The world NEEDS this movie!

    I also need to check out Zombeavers. I'll let you know how that goes.

    1. Great (and crazy) minds think alike my friend! When this masterpiece is finally released let's have a movie night, I'll bring the pop corn and the alcohol. Also, please do let me know how Zombeavers is, I am genuinely intrigued, because doesn't sound like some kind of horror porn?

  6. Love the "The Mother of all trash movies" as the descriptor. HAHA awesome!

    1. Trust me, it's going to be awesome, I have absolutely no doubt about that whatsoever.